EDM Precursor Run I: First electric dipole moment measurement of the deuteron with the waveguide RF Wien Filter

After the preporatory work (polarimetry, spin coherence time, phase lock feedback, rf Wien filter, supercondicting solenoid) has been completed in previous beam times, in November 2018 we performed a first experiment to map the rf Wien filter resonance strength as function of artificial tilts of the invariant spin axis in perpendicular and longitudinal direction w.r.t. the beam direction. The latter was achieved by rotating the rf Wien filter around its longitudinal axis and bz applying a longitudinal solenoidal magnetic field in the opposite straight of the ring. In the absence of any systematic effects like strey fields, misalignments, etc., the minimum of the map would correspond to the tilt of the invariant spin axis induced by a non-zero deuteron EDM.
Hence, the main challenge at this stage is to identify all systematic effects and to quentitatively understand there contributions to the measured effect. These insights will also lead to improvements for second run.

The analysis of the data is currently in progress. Preliminary results have been presented at several occasions. Please check the talks and proceedings section in the publication section.

Last Modified: 04.07.2022