International Activities

srEDM, by definition, is an international enterprise: besides the host institution (Forschungszentrum Jülich) and the RWTH Aachen University, a second beneficiary is Ferrara University (Italy). srEDM is embedded in JEDI (Jülich Electric Dipole moment Investigations), which is an international collaboration, comprising 34 institutes from 11 countries. More recently, the community has gathered under the acronym CPEDM (Charged Particle EDM) and developed a feasibility study for the to-be-built precision storage ring for charged particle (proton, deuteron) EDM searches.

From March 29 to 31, 2021, the 744. WE Heraeus Seminar supported by the Wilhelm-und-Else-Heraeus Foundation took place with the title "Towards Storage Ring Electric Dipole Moment Measurements". The aim of the workshop was to bring together experts in experimental, accelerator and theoretical physics to discuss the next steps towards the construction of such a new type of precision storage ring.

Following the strategy layed out in the feasibility study, in spring 2022 a new proposal with the acronym PRESTO has been submitted to the European Commission following the call HORIZON-INFRA-2022-DEV-01. PRESTO is short for "Pathfinder facility for a new class of PREcision-physics STOrage rings" and aims at the design of a smaller prototype ring on the way towards a 500m final ring. Participating institutions are INFN (Italy), GSI (Germany), CERN, MPG (Germany), RWTH Aachen University (Germany), University of Liverpool (UK), Jagiellonian University Cracow (Poland) and Tbilisi State University (Georgia).

Last Modified: 04.07.2022