ERC Advanced Grant "srEDM"

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The European Research Council (ERC) has been founded in 2007 and serves as a funding organisation for excellent frontier research in the European Union. One of its core fundings schemes is the prestigious Advanced Grant, which addresses top researchers all over Europe.

Advanced Grant "srEDM"

The ERC Advanced Grant "Electric Dipole Moments using storage rings" has been granted to Prof. Dr. Hans Ströher from the Insitute of Nuclear Physics of Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany, providing in total 2.4 Mio. € over 5 years. Additional beneficiaries are RWTH Aachen University and the University of Ferrara.


Research and Development towards a dedicated high-precision EDM storage ring and a first measurement as proof-of-principle at COSY.

Working packages

1 - Accelerator Developments

Electrostatic and combined electric and magnetic bending elements, novel instrumentation and diagnostic tools for a storage ring.

2 - Beam polarimetry

Development of a dedicated, high-precision polarimeter for a coninuous monitoring of the beam polarisation supplemented by reaction database and Monte-Carlo simulations.

3 - Beam simulations

Precise orbit and spin tracking for a large essemble of beam particles over long measurement periods, implementation of novel accelerator equipment like the rf (radio-frequency) E×B Wien filter.

4 - Feasibility studies at COSY

Investigation of systematic effects, benchmarking of simulation tools for orbit and spin tracking, provision of large spin coherence times, implementation and test of the feedback systems.

5 - First EDM experiment at COSY

Proof-of-principle experiment with deuterons using an rf Wien filter, design study of static insertion including simulation studies and error estimates.

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ERC Application "srEDM"

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