Research and Development towards a dedicated high-precision EDM storage ring and a first measurement as proof-of-principle at COSY.

Working packages

1 - Accelerator Developments

Electrostatic and combined electric and magnetic bending elements, novel instrumentation and diagnostic tools for a storage ring.

2 - Beam polarimetry

Development of a dedicated, high-precision polarimeter for a coninuous monitoring of the beam polarisation supplemented by reaction database and Monte-Carlo simulations.

3 - Beam simulations

Precise orbit and spin tracking for a large essemble of beam particles over long measurement periods, implementation of novel accelerator equipment like the rf (radio-frequency) E×B Wien filter.

4 - Feasibility studies at COSY

Investigation of systematic effects, benchmarking of simulation tools for orbit and spin tracking, provision of large spin coherence times, implementation and test of the feedback systems.

5 - First EDM experiment at COSY

Proof-of-principle experiment with deuterons using an rf Wien filter, design study of static insertion including simulation studies and error estimates.

Last Modified: 04.07.2022